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Sunday, March 24th 2019

This blog gets a little bit personal each time, doesn't it? This is Sunday morning and I'm feeling like sharing about myself (again). I recently discovered I love peaceful and quiet morning. I love how it gives me calmer mind to think about everything that happens in my life, how it gives me time to… Continue reading Sunday, March 24th 2019

2am thoughts · Self Discovery

babbling about passion and work

Have you ever think where you really wanna go for the next 10 years? Have you feel like suffocating when you couldn't find the answer to that question? Have you ever felt lost and wanting to give up so badly in life because you couldn't seem to figure out what is your life purpose? Should've… Continue reading babbling about passion and work

2am thoughts · Mental Health Journey · Self Discovery

finding God through Super Junior

What a title, isn't it? 🙂 Yet it's true. That's what happened to me recently. I cannot say that I'm a religious person after all. I often had doubts upon my faith, often stumbled into confusion when I tried to get closer to God. I questioned my faith, my christianity, my spiritual life. Because things… Continue reading finding God through Super Junior

Self Discovery


"Menjadi dewasa itu tidak mudah. Perlu perjuangan, air mata, keringat, rasa sakit, kehilangan, patah hati, kehancuran, luka, sampai rasanya tidak sanggup lagi melangkah maju." Aku akan coba menulis dalam bahasa ibuku. Bahasa Indonesia. Ini di luar kebiasaanku. Hanya saja, kali ini aku ingin lihat apakah aku lebih bebas bereskpresi dalam bahasa Indonesia. Dan apakah aku… Continue reading dewasa