Tuesday, February 12th 2019

Had my first clinical assessment and diagnostic class for this term. Actually I have been pretty stressed out these days. Maybe I know the reason behind it. Too much stressors. I can mention each of my stressors, but the biggest I think is the fact that I will be adopting a puppy very soon and […]

honest feeling

“How beautiful it is to be human.
That we can fall asleep drowning in tears and pain but wake to a new sunrise on a new day with a dry face.” – Cherry & Steiner, 2018.

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babbling about passion and work

Have you ever think where you really wanna go for the next 10 years? Have you feel like suffocating when you couldn’t find the answer to that question? Have you ever felt lost and wanting to give up so badly in life because you couldn’t seem to figure out what is your life purpose? Should’ve […]

on falling in love

For almost 4 months I haven’t been paying any attention to any specific “real” boys in my life. I fixed my eyes only for Super Junior. They got all my love, my attention, my dedication, everything. And in return, they push all the goods inside me. Even 60% of my progress on healing myself is […]

finding God through Super Junior

What a title, isn’t it? 🙂 Yet it’s true. That’s what happened to me recently. I cannot say that I’m a religious person after all. I often had doubts upon my faith, often stumbled into confusion when I tried to get closer to God. I questioned my faith, my christianity, my spiritual life. Because things […]

Looking back: Life Class of 2018

Been a while since my last post. So many things has changed. Mostly, myself. I learned so much this year. This past few months teach me a lot of things. A few lessons I can share here are: Family is important, no matter how tough your family can be. Recovery is not an easy journey. […]

Entering 20s

Turning 20 today. Big thanks to God that I manage to survive until this day. A lot of things has been wandering in my mind. Things that are meant to be seriously considered due the fact that I’m no longer a teenager. Now I’m a young adult. Another phase of life has begun. First thing […]