19: one day, we’ll say that we’ve been here before

this post will be updated every time I have a milestone gained. on my 19, i had my first…. anti-depressant pills abroad trip with my sister only real heartbreak gym membership apple product abroad trip with my sister only today’s MVPs: Reynaldo Raffael & Excelrichap I was all gloomy and sad because I had my […]

never being the first priority

Have you ever feel that you one nobody’s number one? That no one prioritize you? When you feel that everyone else seems to be better than you, having higher position above you, more valuable “somebody” to your best friend, and the list goes on. That kind of feeling. That kind of feeling when you realize […]

about people, family, and relationship

Human is indeed disappointing in so many ways they can. Including me. I’m not immune to any kind of flaws too. I’m a mundane living in this mortal world. I can be disappointing to someone, or to some people, and so do everybody else. Lately I’ve been up to loathing myself so much. I question […]