Entering 20s

Turning 20 today. Big thanks to God that I manage to survive until this day. A lot of things has been wandering in my mind. Things that are meant to be seriously considered due the fact that I’m no longer a teenager. Now I’m a young adult. Another phase of life has begun. First thing […]


I feel in love with a wrong guy. Or maybe he is the right one, on the wrong time. There is no such thing as making someone “the one” for you, creating a perfect partner. You can’t change people, you gotta wake up from our own illusion. No, that’s not how love works. And there […]

finding God

Everything happened for a reason, and I truly believe it. I can’t say that I’m a faithful believer, but I find God through my hardships. Here’s my story for today. Today has been a rough day for me. Rain was pouring down since dawn until the day changed into night. I couldn’t get to class […]

parent’s love

Have you ever feel like your parent never get to understand you: your needs, your conditions, your personality, your everything? Have you ever think that your parent don’t love you the way you love them? Have you ever wish for a better parent for you and your siblings? Have you ever think that you maybe […]

about people, family, and relationship

Human is indeed disappointing in so many ways they can. Including me. I’m not immune to any kind of flaws too. I’m a mundane living in this mortal world. I can be disappointing to someone, or to some people, and so do everybody else. Lately I’ve been up to loathing myself so much. I question […]