It has been a while since I post something positive, hasn’t it?  Trying something new won’t hurt I think and this is why I try to write something positive about hope. You know this year up until this very second, I haven’t been feeling really well. Starting on late January, everything started to fall apart. […]


“Menjadi dewasa itu tidak mudah. Perlu perjuangan, air mata, keringat, rasa sakit, kehilangan, patah hati, kehancuran, luka, sampai rasanya tidak sanggup lagi melangkah maju.” Aku akan coba menulis dalam bahasa ibuku. Bahasa Indonesia. Ini di luar kebiasaanku. Hanya saja, kali ini aku ingin lihat apakah aku lebih bebas bereskpresi dalam bahasa Indonesia. Dan apakah aku […]

I’m a stranger to myself

One thing I realise lately is I’ve been weird. I’m not myself anymore. I wasn’t the present me. Every living human in this world serves a purpose – whether you do believe in God or not, this is a key point to a fullness in life. And entering my 20s, I guess asking what’s truly […]

next chapter: insights

When is the time that you get totally in touch with yourself and get so many insight from your surroundings? What do you do to those insights? Where do you usually take place to accept those insights? Is it the kitchen counter, bathroom, or your beloved bed? Insights, life insights, or any kind of insights […]

the feeling of being needed

It’s 1AM in the morning and I’m still up because I’m filled with emotions, thoughts, and assignments to do. My chatrooms aren’t too noisy, only 2 people I correspond to right now. My phone line is busy, my friend is on the line, listening to me while I cry and vent. Thankfully, I’m feeling much […]

On Being Self-absorbed

When things don’t go well as planned, what do you do? Blaming the universe for the misfortune? Blaming God for giving you such bad luck? Blaming your surroundings for not cooperating well with you to work on your plan? Blaming your parents for giving birth to you? Blaming yourself for not trying hard enough? One […]