Sunday, March 3rd 2019

Hi, it’s me again. Writhing should be a catharsis for me. Been a long time since I write here. And actually, it feels kinda good. To finally be able to write about my feelings and my thoughts honestly, pouring so naturally without any limitation. What I’ve been feeling lately is indescribable. Yes, I feel angry, […]

giving up

things are started to getting out of hand. thoughts of giving up creep into me. i start losing people i love, one by one, they go away first they walk away slowly, then the pace turns faster and when i realize, i have no one already.   never thought i’m good at keeping relations, a […]


I feel in love with a wrong guy. Or maybe he is the right one, on the wrong time. There is no such thing as making someone “the one” for you, creating a perfect partner. You can’t change people, you gotta wake up from our own illusion. No, that’s not how love works. And there […]