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Entering 20s

Turning 20 today. Big thanks to God that I manage to survive until this day. A lot of things has been wandering in my mind. Things that are meant to be seriously considered due the fact that I'm no longer a teenager. Now I'm a young adult. Another phase of life has begun. First thing… Continue reading Entering 20s

Mental Health Journey

giving up

things are started to getting out of hand. thoughts of giving up creep into me. i start losing people i love, one by one, they go away first they walk away slowly, then the pace turns faster and when i realize, i have no one already.   never thought i'm good at keeping relations, a… Continue reading giving up

Self Discovery


"Menjadi dewasa itu tidak mudah. Perlu perjuangan, air mata, keringat, rasa sakit, kehilangan, patah hati, kehancuran, luka, sampai rasanya tidak sanggup lagi melangkah maju." Aku akan coba menulis dalam bahasa ibuku. Bahasa Indonesia. Ini di luar kebiasaanku. Hanya saja, kali ini aku ingin lihat apakah aku lebih bebas bereskpresi dalam bahasa Indonesia. Dan apakah aku… Continue reading dewasa

Mental Health Journey

19: one day, we’ll say that we’ve been here before

this post will be updated every time I have a milestone gained. on my 19, i had my first.... anti-depressant pills abroad trip with my sister only real heartbreak gym membership apple product abroad trip with my sister only today's MVPs: Reynaldo Raffael & Excelrichap I was all gloomy and sad because I had my… Continue reading 19: one day, we’ll say that we’ve been here before